As the family mythology would have it
we were all the assasins in ancient middle east,
we all knew the mind trick which raised the cities in one night
moved the mountains in a day, mind once reached beyond
the shell of consciouness, which has been synonym for the power,
not the will but the system, social habitual, addictive, us the human
are no longer pure will, but individuals that were torn into pieces,
into the bodies, not a body like a plant, the world of vegetation has no boudaries, one leave morphs into a branch, into a bark, into ivies, into the soil, into the air, into dew drops
So were we in the past life, assasins for the old man of the mountain, we were one and ever connected, ….with the mountain,
with a dream we still share, the hashsh accelerated dream of paradise, of the primal intention of the will, we know no sin, we know no shame, we know no self, so that we are not alone
Like foetus in the womb
like the seed of everything prior to the Bang
Bang, bang, bang, no bang, bang, no noise made on the bed,
the earth is no longer capable of containning any more bang, bang, so dream, dream to create no bang bang but outside is the
space but still inside the woub, beacause there is no outside in inside out for there is no self, but we, but no bang bang, that defines me and you, I and Thou, S and M, that is why we are ready to leap and never come back, throw the rock and never come back,
we are out and outside in, Nostradamus saw the human beyond the stars, beyond the Heaven’s Gate, we are already there.


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